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In Memory of
Marvin A. L. Ellingson
1937 -
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Condolence From: Steve Floyd
Condolence: To Mrs. Ellingson and Carl, Stephen, Donald, and James; may God give you true peace. He loves you all, and says so in John 3:16. You all sound like a good, loving family. Jesus, when he was on earth resurrected many people and he always re-united them with their families. (John 11:43, 44) He promised in John 5:28, 29 that he would resurrect all those in the graves, some to eternal life. Then in Revelation 21:1-4 he tells about a new world where death, sorrow, pain and sickness would be gone. This is a hope held out to all people. I hope it helps some. Steve
Friday August 04, 2017
Condolence From: Connie Ronning
Condolence: Dear, dear Barb and family!!

You are all in my loving thoughts of sympathy with Dear Marv’s passing!! I am so thankful I got to visit with him on the phone!! And tonight after reading the e-mail you sent Lois, I was even more thankful we had gotten to talk together on the phone!!

Thanks so much to Steve for making the personal call to me to let me know!! Marv and I had so many things in common, being cousins, being an only child, coming from a little rural area, etc. Irene and Esther were like mothers to me, especially after my own mother passed away. We have all been very blessed to have you and your family as part of our extended family, Barb!!

I empathize with you in this time of sorrow, and yet time of rejoicing for Marvin having completed his journey and now safe in the arms of Jesus, his Saviour!! Wish I could be with you in person to give you hugs and assistance. I feel I need to be here right now because Sonja is ready to deliver a little baby. So I will hopefully see you at some other time, God willing. You will be in my special thoughts and prayers on Saturday!! The memory of this wonderful person will forever be in our hearts!!!


Connie and all my family as well!!
Friday August 04, 2017
Condolence From: Barbara Ellingson
Condolence: Marvin:
The last month has been unreal, we have had our up moments and down moments. I can't believe something that seemed so simple turned out the way it did. I love you with my whole heart and have for 55 years. We made four wonderful children together who have lovely wives and children, who we both adored and loved attending anything and everything they invited us to. I can see your eyes when Amanda called us about her graduation from college or Doug going to another Championship game, Isaiah making his Life Scout honors, or Connor, with baseball the last summer I thought hey we might be traveling to Dakota, but the team choose not to go. The fun week we had with Eric and Nathan, watching them bowling and even me bowling along with them, again more baseball and swimming. We would talk about the event on the way home from where ever we had been at the time. We also love all the pets that they have had over the years including ours, but especially, Ruby girl. How much fun we had watching her for a whole week.

You will forever be in my heart and mind. I know eventually things will settle down and I will be able to look back and say he was ready to leave this world.

See you later alligator! I can hear you saying After while crocodile! Love you. BE
Friday August 04, 2017
Condolence From: Connor Ellingson
Condolence: Grandpa Marv,
It's hard to know what to say to something that happened so sudden, except that you will always be remembered in our thoughts and in our hearts.

Marv was not only the kind of man people wanted to be, he was the kind of man people would be proud to be.

I will forever cherish the memories we had at my baseball games, at Easter, and will always remember those Christmas Eve card games.

I wish we could have had more time together, but I know you will always be there guarding over my family and keeping us all safe. We will always be thinking of you and sharing our memories of how wonderful you are.

I love you so much grandpa, God could not have a better angel.

Thursday August 03, 2017
Condolence From: Don Ellingson
Condolence: To my dad my father my friend, I have so many good and bad times . To the man that raised me to be who and what I am today I want to say thank you!! You were tough and hard on us at times but you also were there when needed. Here's to all the good times at the lake water skiing fishing and just hanging out by the fire. Here's to helping with the snowmobile that wouldn't start at the time I bought it you said to me we can get it running so I paid the guy 80 bucks we brought it home and had it running I less than an hour.. wish I still had that thing!! We worked on bikes minne bikes and cars. I can never forget the day I said I'm going to put a sun roof in my truck you were in the garage with me as I was doing the lay out of where it should go. As I drilled the piglet hole through the roof of my truck you said are you sure that's where you want it!! as I said back there's no turning back now as I have a hole in the roof of my truck. You will always be in my hart ,my life, I can't thank you enough, I will miss and always love you.....
Thursday August 03, 2017
Condolence From: Doug & Mary Logeland
Condolence: Dear Barb and Family,

Where to start - I remember your wedding and the beautiful and handsome bride and groom! And that was 50+ years ago and the inner beauty (the true beauty) continued to glow and grow through the years.

Marv was a quiet guy and tolerated many Kelly family events and card games, but one sticks out in my mind. It must have been at a big Kelly reunion (probably in the 1970's) because Aunt Leota and Cousin Leota were there, along with the usual (and unusual) cast of Irish characters. Fueled by a little whiskey, beer, or whatever the drink of choice, the euchre game proceeded in high spirits with tempers rising. I don't know who Marv's partner was, but (s)he and Marv were playing against Aunt Leota, I believe, and another Kelly. Marv suddenly surprised us all by throwing down his cards and accusing (with animation) Aunt Leota of cheating. He then exited stage left. That stopped everyone in their tracks because most of us had never witnessed Marv in high spirits. Ho hum - just another Kelly family reunion with a little side of entertainment. I don't think Aunt Leota ever denied or accepted the charge, but she did play fast and loss with the cards sometimes, as did most of the Kellys. Marv had just about enough of that reunion, at least for that day.

I admired the steadfast friendship he and Ron Earl had. I have been amazed through the years how they talked everyday (well, almost). That's a lot of years and a lot of telephone time.

Doug and I will miss him and share your loss. We will carry his heart in our hearts.

Doug and Mary
Thursday August 03, 2017
Condolence From: Theresa Ellingson
Condolence: Marv –
I really enjoyed the stories of your youth and working on the farm.
Your eyes lit up when you spoke of your beloved German Shepard.
The dog who apparently liked to climb ladders!
And who can forget the stories of you and your buddy Ron causing some trouble here and there!!
To the man who loved baseball, a true Twins fan for sure!
All the baseball games you and Barb sat through watching your grandson’s Doug and Connor play through the years. Sunshine, rain and even snow, wrapped in blankets, watching those good and sometimes not so good games.
You impressed many of the parents, not just Don and I of your dedication to be there. The fond memories our family of 4 will have with us forever.
So thankful to have spent time with you over the 4th of July weekend and having many good conversations and a lot of fresh air as we sat outside, taking in all of the fun times.
You will truly be missed but your memories will live on.
Love, Theresa
Thursday August 03, 2017
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